Located in Portland's Pearl District, Urban Renewal Skin and Body offers a practice of functional and effective skin and body care. I can't fix your driven personality type, but I can help you look and feel like someone who gets eight hours of sleep and moves with power, joy and authenticity. I honor your commitment to your own wellness. Your health and joy are your greatest assets. My job is to clear the path to your own wellness-based beauty.

Urban Renewal Skin and Body is a peaceful studio loft setting nestled in the historic Gadsby Building. My own values system is a mixed spectrum of science to energetic awareness and my practice is informed accordingly. Urban Renewal's Skin and Body services are designed to problem-solve and I recognize that the solution for each client is singular.


I am a strong proponent of natural health care with a firm belief in the power of holistic healing. Educating and supporting my clients in how to facilitate this healing process is the foundation of my practice. If you are having persistent or chronic issues, I am happy to provide referrals for physicians, nutritionists and acupuncturists as well as a list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid.

If you're like me, you don't want to become enslaved to programs of indeterminate length and questionable success. I believe in the value of solutions you can see and feel. . Let's work together to lift you up and let you shine.

Welcome to Urban Renewal!

Libby Graf

Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist #12988