90 min Warrior Women’s Gua Sha Facial 

90 minutes

Created specifically for women. This facial, customized to skin type and goals, will provide deep parasympathetic response relaxation, renewed, lifted and glowing skin with increased lymphatic flow for overall well being and added health.

A facial customized to your skin and body's needs. Over time and with commitment enjoy decreased fine lines and wrinkles.

Warrior Women’s Facial Series

4 weekly 90-minute facials

Geared for women only this 90 min Warrior Women’s Facial is done once a week for 4 weeks. This is a dedicated time and commitment to you. Personal intentions such as letting go, self care restorative time, loving the skin you are in, bringing the soul forth, aligning soul and face are great to bring to this facial series.

This facial in particular is accomplished by a 90 minute deep relaxing session - with the goal of engaging the parasympathetic response for maximum rest and repair. The session starts out by grounding with a self heating mud placed along the spine to assist w detoxification and trace mineral cellular exchange.  All the basics of a customized facial are performed; cleanse, exfoliate, limited extractions and mask with the incredibly safe, luxurious and efficacious Phytomer and Vie skin care products. (No MLM products used here.) Additionally, I use a method of gua sha sculpting and tons of lymphatic drainage.  I will also check in energetically and clear any stagnant chi (akin to reiki) that your higher self reveals to me.  Many of the recipients of this facial state that they feel like they have received a full body massage even though I only worked from décolletage' on up. 

Package total is $700 which includes Gua Sha Jade Stone for home use, Phytomer Products Starter Kit for after care ($100 value) and %10 discount towards any skin products by Phytomer & Vie during the 4 week series. Phytomer and Vie is optimal for your home care routine to maximize results it is recommended that no outside products are to be used during this 4 week series. After discussing your skin esthetic goals and analyzing your skin we will find the right home care potions for you.

Repeat this series anytime for $600 and a 10% discount on product purchases during that 4 week period.

Please book all 4 facials weekly at once if you are able. It is important to stay committed to the time frame for optimal results.