Welcome to Urban Renewal!
Urban Renewal is the Holistic Skin Care Studio of Libby Graf, certified esthetician. Spending over 10 years in traditional spa and clinical skin care Libby noticed a shift in her clients when she started to bring attention to the traffic jams that stagnate lymph flow, her study of various face massage techniques for releasing them was showing positive results.

Clients who choose to mindfully transform restored  the natural order of flow and vibrance back into their face.

Libby came to realize that these stress patterns are a large part of what cause us to age in a way that make us unrecognizable to ourselves, blocking our natural radiance.


Libby developed a method includes a combination of custom skin care treatments, jade rolling, lymphatic massage, crystal therapy and holistic healing that engages your Parasympathetic response for rest and repair.

You’ll leave the studio with more than just a luminous, beautiful face: you will be renewed, restored and transformed.