Best Facial Ever
I saw Libby two days ago and I am still "Wow-ing" over what an amazing session it was. This was not just a A+ facial... It was a healing experience that facilitated increased insight, intention, and invigoration into my life! Libby has an incredible gift to not only give a wonderful facial, but to read the body and target the areas where it needs assistance (physically or energetically). From there she helps to create increased Flow and Well-Being. I cannot wait for my next one...!!”

“I won’t define the Gua Sha Facial, I will leave that to Libby, but allow me to share my thoughts.    Though elements of this facial  will be familiar to you, there is a rhythmic quality I can assure you’ve not experienced before. Using a precious flat, white-jade stone, she patiently strokes along lymphatic zones on the face and neck.  Hypnotic!  The result of this, noticeable following my first service, was clear and even skin tone including a brighter under-eye area. Additionally my large pores were hardly noticeable.  Following my 2nd service, I had a remarkable improvement in skin elasticity along the jaw line.

Physical benefits are pronounced; however, the transformation doesn’t stop there. Recall I mentioned the rhythmic elements? The fluid movements rocked me into a meditative state with lucid dreaming, floating and oh, such deep relaxation. Of most significance was an awareness of strength of self.  I believe everyone will come away with their unique intentions and realizations.  Don’t mistake this with other “relaxing” treatments. When Libby imparts her intuitive hits this takes on a divine quality you won’t receive anywhere else. A labor of love created by Libby.”